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How Does the UMAM System Work?
Posted by on 08 January 2014 04:46 AM

UMAM – Ultimate Multi Account Manager.

This solution allows the Money Manager to manage client’s accounts in the form of a “Leader” and “Investor” relationship. All investors funds are virtually pooled into one trading account and traded as a combined balance. Once the client’s account is listed as an investor, the account will be automatically set to “read only” by the UMAM system and the investor will not be able to intervene in fund manager’s trading. This protects both sides, the leader as well as the investor. The investor account balances are reflected on the Leaders “Master” account. All trades made from the master account will be duplicated on the investor accounts, with proportional trade sizes calculated automatically, using our server based system. Investors are able to connect easily and have their account traded by the Leaders predetermined settings, regardless of account type or leverage. This innovative system allows for lot sizes smaller than 1 micro lot to ensure balance does not play a role in the lot size allocation.

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